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  • 1. Wafer Metrology  
    Technology FieldsMetrology Systems for Efficient Production Our metrology systems are designed to detect defects and surface contamination. They help our customers to see damage and defects on…  
  • 2. Data Acquisition by transducer  
    Data Acquisition by transducer The transducer scans the sample line by line (in grids) on the XY plane and on request — in case of samples with bows or protruding elements — in the Z direction…  
  • 3. Acoustic Microscopy  
    Acoustic Microscopy Whereas the sound is propagated in a rectilinear fashion in homogeneous media, it will reveal interfaces between different materials (e.g. inclusions or defects) by reflection,…  
  • 4. Scan modes of ultrasonic microscopy  
    Scan modes of ultrasonic microscopy Scanning modes - also known as imaging modes - can perform non-destructive analyses of the internal structure of components under the acoustic microscope. In…  
  • 5. Application Plasma Surface Treatment  
    Applications of Plasma Surface TreatmentSemiconductor applications Plasma ashing, sometimes referred to a stripping removes photo resist from wafers. Descum processes are similar but are used to…  
  • 6. SAM Software  
    Contact us How can we help you? Let´s talk! [email protected] 8 All PVA TePla SAM systems are controlled by an advanced, intuitive graphical user interface and the WINSAM 8…  
  • 7. Batch Wafer Systems  
    Contact Us How can we help you? [email protected] Wafer SystemsPlasma System GIGAbatch 310M The plasma system GIGAbatch 310M is the entry-level model of the GIGAbatch product range.…  
  • 8. IoN Series Plasma Systems  
    Contact us How can we help you? Let´s talk! [email protected] PVA TePla’s IoN 10Q is a table top fully featured RF plasma system used for batch Wafer Ashing and Descum and is designed for…  
  • 9. Overview Products  
    Our Product Groups  
  • 10. Overview Crystal Growing Systems  

Search results 1 until 10 of 70

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