PulsPlasma® Nitriding Systems

These are vacuum furnaces for conducting plasma diffusion processes to enrich the component surface with nitrogen and/or carbon for increasing resistance to wear and corrosion. The PlaTeG PulsPlasma® diffusion processes, especially PulsPlasma® nitriding (PPNTM) and PulsPlasma® nitrocarburizing (PPNCTM), are plasma diffusion processes that offer numerous advantages to customers over traditional nitriding processes such as salt bath nitrocarburizing or gas nitriding, as well as being environmentally friendly and making economical use of resources:

  • Low process gas and power consumption
  • Use environmentally friendly process gases
  • Flexible treatment temperatures ranging from 350 °C to 600 °C (high temperature up to 900°C)
  • Option of partial treatment using mechanical covers
  • Used to treat high-alloy and stainless steel (maintaining corrosion resistance)
  • Nitrided layer structure can be monitored
  • Used to treat sintered iron/steel as well as non-ferrous metals such as titanium and aluminum

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PulsPlasma® Generator Technology / The Latest Technology

The virtually square pulse form for pulsed current and voltage means that the necessary plasma output can be transferred quickly, optimally and almost losslessly to the components to be treated. Pulse and pause times can be programmed to anything between 30 µs and 999 µs. As a result, it is possible both to monitor the structure of the nitrided layer and to prevent the components from overheating.

  • For unipolar and/or bipolar operation
  • Arc suppression via rapid shutdown (< 0.1 µs)
  • PlaTeG PulsPlasma® generators provide stable glow discharge plasmas even at room temperature
  • Optimized for PlaTeG-PPSATM technology for shorter treatment times and homogeneous results

Our Furnaces

  • PlaTeG-PP120

    Dimensions: 1,000 diameter x 1,800 height

    Various PulsPlasma® diffusion processes can be carried out depending on component load and the desired results of treatment:

    • PPNTM—PulsPlasma® nitriding—diffusion of nitrogen to increase resistance to wear and corrosion for most steels, titanium and aluminum
    • PPCNTM—PulsPlasma® nitrocarburizing—diffusion of nitrogen and carbon to increase resistance to wear and corrosion for steel
    • PPCTM—PulsPlasma® carburizing—diffusion of carbon to increase resistance to wear and corrosion for stainless steel
    • PPOTM—PulsPlasma® oxidizing—treatment to oxidize steel surfaces to increase corrosion resistance and reduce the coefficient of friction
    • LT-PPNTM, LT-PPNCTM, LT-PPCTM of components made of steels with chromium contents > 13% to increase wear resistance while maintaining corrosion resistance

    System Versions / Flexibility Means Reliable Processes

    Furnace designs depend on customer needs and the application in question.

    • Bell type furnace systems (standard)
    • Pet type furnace systems
    • Chamber furnace systems (horizontal)

    Making it easy and safe to handle both the system itself and the components is something that we regard as very important. That is why we have designed these convincing and adaptable systems.

    H—horizontal system
    For large and heavy components

    M—mono system
    Bell type furnace with a vacuum treatment chamber

    S—shuttle system
    Furnace with a vacuum treatment chamber and an additional chamber base

    T—tandem system
    Furnace system with two complete vacuum treatment chambers

  • Other Furnace Sizes

    PlaTeG PP60, 700 diameter x 1,000

    • Effective space: 600 mm diameter x 700 mm
    • Batch weight 500 kg
    • Connected power 49 kW

    PlaTeG PP120, diameter 1,000 x 1,600

    • Effective space: 800 mm diameter x 1200 mm
    • Batch weight 2000 kg
    • Connected power 100 kW

    PlaTeG PP200, 1,200 diameter x 2,000

    • Effective space: 1000 mm diameter x 1500 mm
    • Batch weight 3000 kg
    • Connected power 150 kW

    PlaTeG PP300, 1,400 diameter x 2,500

    • Effective space: 1200 mm diameter x 2000 mm
    • Batch weight 5000 kg
    • Connected power 217 kW

    PlaTeG PP500, 1,800 diameter x 2,900

    • Effective space: 1600 mm diameter x 2200 mm
    • Batch weight 8000 kg
    • Connected power 327 kW

    PlaTeG PP500, 1,800 diameter x 2,900

    • Effective space: 1600 mm diameter x 2200 mm
    • Batch weight 8000 kg
    • Connected power 327 kW

    PlaTeG PP500, 1,800 diameter x 2,900

    • Effective space: 1600 mm diameter x 2200 mm
    • Batch weight 8000 kg
    • Connected power 327 kW

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