Strip-Type Plasma System

80 Plus

The plasma system 80 Plus was developed for the semiconductor market and is really easy to operate in both manual and automatic mode. The system can be supplied with or without loading and unloading stations; in addition, each station can be configured differently. Without stations, is possible to integrate it into a production line.

The software is very intuitive and meets the current standards of the semiconductor industry. The primary fields of application are the activation and cleaning of surfaces. Because of its high level of efficiency, a plasma treatment with the 80 Plus only takes a few seconds.

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The plasma system 80 Plus is available with two electrode configurations

IoN Configuration

Electromagnetic radiation with an RF of 13.56 MHz is fed into the chamber by means of electrodes in order to attain surface bombardment by accelerated ions. In addition to this physical effect, there is also a chemical effect, although it is less than the effect attained when using the microwave frequency.

GIGA Configuration

If the plasma device is equipped with a microwave generator, a frequency of 2.45 GHz is used. There are no electrodes in the chamber; the microwaves are generated outside the vacuum chamber and then fed in via antennas or waveguides. A plasma with this configuration works in a purely chemical manner.

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