Physical Vapor Transport Systems (PVT)

They are characterized by:

  • Product portfolio includes ready configured systems as well as customized solutions.
  • Compact design and high flexibility regarding the use of pumps and generators
  • High reproducibility & productivity due to a wide range of accessory options as well as a high degree of automation
  • More flexibility by offering interfaces to customer specific process control systems like MES (Manufacturing Execution System) which are common in the semiconductor industry
  • Adaptation & optimization of the systems at any time in the event of process changes through direct contact with experts from PVA TePla

For the production of silicon carbide (SiC) single crystals, the so-called Physical Vapor Transport (PVT) process has been firmly established as a standard method for many years. In this process, SiC source material, usually SiC powder, is transferred to the gaseous phase by sublimation at temperatures of over 2000°C. From gaseous components the SiC crystal forms on a substrate. A SiC single crystal is subsequently formed from the gaseous components at a given seed.

In the course of the expansion of renewable energies and the increasing use of electric drives in mobile applications, there is a rapidly growing demand for efficient and lightweight power electronics. While silicon has almost ideal properties for microelectronics, the material system is increasingly reaching its physical limits for current applications in power electronics. Compared to silicon, silicon carbide has, among other things, a larger band gap, higher breakdown field strength and higher thermal conductivity, making the material system ideal for manufacturing power electronics up to the kV range.

With its SiCma product group, PVA TePla has been building and developing one of the most successful, commercially freely available PVT systems for the production of SiC single crystals for over ten years.

Physical Vapor Transport systems from PVA TePla have proven themselves many times over with customers from science and industry. Continuous further development and intensive cooperation with partners from industry and science ensure that the PVT systems always meet the current requirements of the SiC industry.

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SiCma system - developed for the production of silicon carbide

  • SICma System

    The SiCma system was specially developed for the production of silicon carbide (SiC) crystals by means of physical vapor transport (PVT). In this process, the powdered starting material is heated and sublimated at high temperatures and finally deposited on a specially prepared substrate. This is done by inductive heating in the kilohertz range using an induction coil. The design of this coil is optimized for low energy consumption.

    The possible size of the substrate is 100 to 150 mm diameter (4'' - 6''). Due to a high degree of automation and a compact footprint, the system is optimized for mass production. Additionally available is a mobile system for loading and unloading the plant as well as numerous options that can be added on a modular basis - for example vacuum pumps and measuring devices.

    Product data at a glance:

    Max. ingot diameter: 6"
    Inner diameter process chamber of 4" quartz tube: 286 mm
    Inner diameter process chamber of 6" quartz tube: 378 mm
    Frequenz: 6 - 10 kHz

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