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New materials and material combinations, such as micro-grain carbides and large components with hollow, close-contour internal structures, present new technological challenges for tooling and mold-making. That means that requirements regarding impermeability (under pressure), mechanical strength, and both corrosive and thermal resilience become more demanding accordingly.

Our Systems Offer Capabilities Including:

  • Brazing of CBN and diamond tools as well as close-contour-cooled molds; mold-making
  • Sintering and pressure sintering of metals, non-oxide ceramics, cermets, or cemented carbides; heat treatment of metal materials; treatment of large tools
  • Diffusion bonding of
    • Planar heat exchangers and cooling plates (heating, cooling)
    • Close-contour-cooled molds, high-stress distributor plates
    • Layered prototype objects
  • PulsPlasma® nitriding/nitrocarburizing (PPN™/PPNC™)—plasma nitriding (430 °C–600 °C) of components made of steel, cast iron, and sintered iron to increase resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Low-temperature plasma nitriding (350 °C–430 °C) of tools and components made of rust- and acid-resistant stainless steel to increase wear resistance without sacrificing corrosion resistance
  • High-temperature plasma nitriding (600 °C–900 °C) of components made of titanium or titanium alloys
  • Oxidation/post-oxidation of steel components for increased corrosion resistance and/or reduced friction of surfaces
  • Plasma cleaning and surface activation of components to optimize preparation for subsequent coating or diffusion processes

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