Medical Technology

One particular challenge facing today’s medical technology is that of manufacturing high-quality, sterile, and customized products that are affordable, durable, and easy to use.

Thanks to references from leading manufacturers for equipment suppliers in medical technology coupled with the comprehensive process expertise of our Innovation Lab, we have extensive experience and a range of systems for processing new materials and applying tailor-made production processes, as well as for additive manufacturing and partial plasma nitriding. As a result, gas plasma sterilization of medical products can be validated and implant treatment is made an easy process.

Our Systems Offer Capabilities Including:

  • Plasma nitriding (PPN™)/LT PulsPlasma® nitriding of implants made of stainless steel or titanium
  • Heat treatment of metal materials
  • Production of implants and dental alloys (precious metal alloys, high-alloy metals)
  • Sintering of fine ceramic components for dental applications
  • Brazing of electron tubes and components for endoscopes, rotating anodes for X-ray machines, instruments, and bushings (current leads etc.)
  • Diffusion bonding of dissimilar bonds and zero-filler components
  • Plasma nitriding (430 °C–600 °C) of components made of steel, cast iron, and sintered iron to increase resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Low-temperature plasma nitriding (350 °C–430 °C) of tools and components made of rust- and acid-resistant stainless steel to increase wear resistance without sacrificing corrosion resistance
  • High-temperature plasma nitriding (600 °C–900 °C) of components made of titanium or titanium alloys
  • Oxidation/post-oxidation of steel components for increased corrosion resistance and/or reduced friction of surfaces
  • Plasma cleaning and surface activation of components to optimize preparation for subsequent diffusion processes
  • Precious metal processing in the dental industry using vacuum melting
  • Sterilization in large-scale systems and repeated sterilization of components (e.g. hydrolysis/blood tube systems) using gas plasma processes

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